Sidi Wire Vent Carbon Shoes

Sidi Wire Vent Carbon Shoes
  • Color: White Vernice
  • Color: Black Vernice
  • Color: Red/White Vernice
  • Color: Yellow Fluorescent/Black Vernice
  • Color: White/Black/iride Vernice
  • Color: Blue/White Vernice
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Sidi's super light Wire Vent Carbon shoes are 100% pure performance with zero compromise, and are the go-to shoes for pros and serious riders everywhere. They give you the perfect fit with peerless pedaling efficiency and comfort. Power transfer is unsurpassed with hand-made carbon soles featuring closeable vents. Comfort comes in the form of the Tecno 3 closure system that uses a supple, low-friction wire for perfectly even pressure distribution across your foot. The micro-ratcheting buckles allow easy one-click adjustment in either direction, for simple fine-tuning on the fly. Sidi's Soft Instep Closure and Adjustable Heel Retention Device provide a truly custom feel while the breathable Lorica uppers keep your feet cool and dry. Snug ’em up, and you’re ready to throw down.

Fitting Yourself to Sidi Cycling Shoes

There is no substitute for a perfect fit. Your shoes are the most important contact point between you and your bike, affecting power, comfort, and providing that locked-in feeling of oneness with your bicycle.

Fitting tips
Try shoes on at the end of the day — your feet swell by at least a half-size as the day progresses, and as much as a full size on hot days.

Stand up. Feet expand under pressure — standing up will give you a better sense of how your shoes will fit under pedaling pressure.

Bring the socks and orthotics you ride with — they have a tremendous influence on foot volume and fit.

Be patient! Non-leather cycling shoes do not stretch over time — how they fit in the store will be how they fit, period. However, as the shoes warm up from body heat the uppers will become more pliable and conforming. Give your shoes at least 10 minutes to heat up, and readjust the closures to accurately gauge how they’ll feel mid-ride.

Foot measuring devices typically measure length and width only, and do not account for overall shape or foot volume. It’s imperative that you try on shoes a half-size larger and smaller than your measured size, for confirmation of proper fit.

How Sidis are sized
Sidi half sizes are 3mm longer, with slightly increased toe box volume. Full sizes are 6mm longer, with proportionally greater volume.

Standard-size Sidis roughly correspond to a D width on the industry-standard Brannock sizing scale.

Mega sizes are cut with more material throughout, and larger-volume heel cups. Mega sizes roughly correspond to an EE/EEE width on the Brannock sizing scale.

Narrow sizes are cut with less material throughout, and narrower, lower-volume heel cups. Narrow sizes roughly correspond to a B/C width on the Brannock sizing scale.

Women’s Sidis have a more tapered shape and lower volume than standard or narrow-width Sidis. Women with consistently wide or narrow feet, from heel to the forefoot may experience better fit in Sidi standard or narrow widths.

The four common cleat bolt patterns.
In order to mount your pedal cleats to your shoes (cleats are included with new pedals and sold separately), the cleats and shoes must have matching bolt patterns. 

There are four cleat configurations found on cycling shoes (diagram): SPD-R, Look/SPD-SL, SPD and Speedplay. Road shoes feature one, two or even three of these. Off-road shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure which cleats your shoes require, please ask us. We're here to help!

Lorica is a lightweight, flexible, water repellent and breathable material made of the finest microfibers. It's amazingly durable and, like leather, it improves with age.

Sidi's Vent Carbon sole.

Sidi's Vent Carbon soles optimize your power transfer and ensure top comfort, too. These hand-made soles are comprised of T700 carbon for amazing stiffness and pedaling efficiency. They deflect just 1.4mm when 110 pounds is suspended from the tip. Plus, a small degree of toe flex is built in so you enjoy comfort mile after mile. Also impressive, these super soles are produced in the same Italian factory that makes Ferrari and Ducati parts!

Another great feature is the built-in adjustable vents at the front of the soles that can be set to let in or seal out the air. When open, the vents work with the channels beneath the perforated footbeds for excellent airflow and comfort.

Sidi Soft Instep Closure System
Sidi's Soft Instep Closure System is anatomically shaped to eliminate pressure points in order to provide a snug, secure, and ultra-comfortable fit.
Sidi Tecno 3 buckles
Sidi's Tecno 3 buckles make it super easy to fine-tune how tight your shoes are even when you're riding. The low-friction wire laces tighten and loosen freely so you can dial in the perfect tension and enjoy total comfort on every ride.

Sidi's Adjustable Heel Retention Device provides a snug, customizable fit around your heels and ensures maximum pedal power. Simply turn the screws in the back of the Retention Device to tighten or loosen the fit and eliminate slippage.

Sidi Fit Relievers
Sidi's Fit Relievers are tiny cuts in the tongues that reduce bulk and keep the tongues from ever rolling over for maximum comfort.

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
White Vernice / 41 2000000409351 13101102410 120805
White Vernice / 42.5 2000000409382 13101102425 120709
White Vernice / 43 2000000409399 13101102430 120076
White Vernice / 44 2000000409412 13101102440 120737
White Vernice / 45 2000000409436 13101102450 120654
White Vernice / 45.5 2000000409443 13101102455 120662
White Vernice / 47 2000000409474 13101102470 13101102470
Black Vernice / 42 2000000413259 13101101420 120740
Black Vernice / 42.5 2000000419725 13101101425 120741
Black Vernice / 43 2000000419732 13101101430 120742
Black Vernice / 44 2000000419756 13101101440 120744
Black Vernice / 44.5 2000000419763 13101101445 120745
Black Vernice / 45 2000000419770 13101101450 120746
Black Vernice / 45.5 2000000419787 13101101455 120747
Red/White Vernice / 43 2000000419527 14101182430 120726
Red/White Vernice / 44.5 2000000419558 14101182445 120041
Yellow Fluorescent/Black Vernice / 42 2000000409559 13101104420 120704
Yellow Fluorescent/Black Vernice / 45 2000000409610 13101104450 120670
Yellow Fluorescent/Black Vernice / 45.5 2000000409627 13101104455 120672
Yellow Fluorescent/Black Vernice / 46 2000000409634 13101104460 120674