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THM-Carbones Scapula SP Carbon Fork

THM-Carbones Scapula SP Carbon Fork
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The “Scapula SP” answers the racers’ call for the lowest weight possible. At only 260 g the “Scapula SP” sets the limit of what is currently technically achievable. No other fork reaches the same low weight while providing unlimited racing performance with uncompromised safety. “Scapula SP”: SP is short for ‘sine pondere’, Latin ‘without weight’.

Safety was our top priority during all stages of the design process despite all attention to weight. The “Scapula SP” underwent the same rigorous in-house and independent testing procedures as our regular fork. It came out after simulations of more than 100,000 km strong as on the first day.

The fork’s stiffness is by far greater than average. Lateral stiffness, important for hard sprints and precise cornering, remains very high despite the low weight. For more detailed information read our » test reports section.

Despite the superior stiffness we limit rider weight to 85 kg (187 lbs). Up to this limit the fork is ready to meet any challenge put out by road racing. We recommend the “Scapula” model for heavier riders.

Comfort of the “Scapula SP” is improved a bit compared to the extremely stiff regular model. As comfort can only be had at the cost of reduced brake stiffness we chose to remain conservative. The “Scapula SP” is a pure-bred race fork with high shudder resistance.

The secret behind the performance of the “Scapula SP” lies in the continuous carbon fibers all the way from the steerer down to the dropouts. Even the dropouts have a carbon fiber core. The wall thickness of steerer and fork legs varies continuously to provide an optimal stiffness-to-weight ratio. The elliptical interior shape is perfect to take on both large forces from direct-on hits as well as side loads. Minute attention to detail during the optimization process lead to sensationally low weight combined with superior stiffness.