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THM-Carbones Scapula Carbon Fork

THM-Carbones Scapula Carbon Fork
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The forks made by THM-Carbones are the pinnacle of evolution of modern carbon fiber forks. In terms of weight, brake stiffness, and steering precision the “Scapula” and her sister, the “Scapula SP”, set the new standard for professional racers as well as any other performance-oriented cyclist.

Due to their extremely low weight (as low as 235 g / 0.52 lbs) and exceptional stiffness, these forks are the right answer to the enormous demands of modern road racing. The “Scapula” forks allow you to greatly reduce the weight of your machine, improving your performance considerably.

Be it in tight crits or screaming downhills – the “Scapula’s” unparalleled cornering precision and stiffness under braking loads are confidence inspiring. The higher your speed and the tighter the perfect line, the more a “Scapula” fork will help you to set a new P.R. – including a safe return home! A look at the stiffness-to-weight ratio will convince you: The “Scapula’s” STW-score is about twice as high as that of ordinary carbon fiber forks. For more details go to » test reports.

Compared with the “Stiletto”, which we designed and built for Storck Bicycles, we have changed the fork’s geometry slightly, further improving stiffness and reducing weight. Or lightest “Scapula SP” weighs only 235 g (0.52 lbs).