Sidi Epic Shoes

Sidi Epic Shoes
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Sidi's Epic Shoes are great when you're hitting the deep back country on your ride, and you're pretty darn sure you're going to end up hiking with your bike for a bit. Sidi's Outdoor soles grip all surfaces well and the soles flex enough for walking, while they're nice and efficient when pedaling, too. You'll also appreciate the great-fitting and durable synthetic-leather and mesh uppers with lace and Velcro strap closures. There are also heel cups that keep your feet nicely in place. These fine features make the Epics great mountain-biking, commuting and casual shoes all in one, able to go from the trail, right into the office - or stroll through the farmer's market with no problem. You even get heel tabs for easy on/off.

Fitting Yourself to Sidi Cycling Shoes

There is no substitute for a perfect fit. Your shoes are the most important contact point between you and your bike, affecting power, comfort, and providing that locked-in feeling of oneness with your bicycle.

Fitting tips
Try shoes on at the end of the day — your feet swell by at least a half-size as the day progresses, and as much as a full size on hot days.

Stand up. Feet expand under pressure — standing up will give you a better sense of how your shoes will fit under pedaling pressure.

Bring the socks and orthotics you ride with — they have a tremendous influence on foot volume and fit.

Be patient! Non-leather cycling shoes do not stretch over time — how they fit in the store will be how they fit, period. However, as the shoes warm up from body heat the uppers will become more pliable and conforming. Give your shoes at least 10 minutes to heat up, and readjust the closures to accurately gauge how they’ll feel mid-ride.

Foot measuring devices typically measure length and width only, and do not account for overall shape or foot volume. It’s imperative that you try on shoes a half-size larger and smaller than your measured size, for confirmation of proper fit.

How Sidis are sized
Sidi half sizes are 3mm longer, with slightly increased toe box volume. Full sizes are 6mm longer, with proportionally greater volume.

Standard-size Sidis roughly correspond to a D width on the industry-standard Brannock sizing scale.

Mega sizes are cut with more material throughout, and larger-volume heel cups. Mega sizes roughly correspond to an EE/EEE width on the Brannock sizing scale.

Narrow sizes are cut with less material throughout, and narrower, lower-volume heel cups. Narrow sizes roughly correspond to a B/C width on the Brannock sizing scale.

Women’s Sidis have a more tapered shape and lower volume than standard or narrow-width Sidis. Women with consistently wide or narrow feet, from heel to the forefoot may experience better fit in Sidi standard or narrow widths.

The four common cleat bolt patterns.
In order to mount your pedal cleats to your shoes (cleats are included with new pedals and sold separately), the cleats and shoes must have matching bolt patterns. 

There are four cleat configurations found on cycling shoes (diagram): SPD-R, Look/SPD-SL, SPD and Speedplay. Road shoes feature one, two or even three of these. Off-road shoes usually use the SPD pattern. If you're unsure which cleats your shoes require, please ask us. We're here to help!

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
Black / 38 2000000452128 SMS-EPC-BKBK-380
Black / 39 2000000452142 SMS-EPC-BKBK-390
Black / 40 2000000452166 SMS-EPC-BKBK-400
Black / 41 2000000452180 SMS-EPC-BKBK-410
Black / 42 2000000450902 SMS-EPC-BKBK-420
Black / 43 2000000452210 SMS-EPC-BKBK-430
Black / 44 2000000452234 SMS-EPC-BKBK-440
Black / 45 2000000452258 SMS-EPC-BKBK-450
Black / 46 2000000452272 SMS-EPC-BKBK-460
Black / 47 2000000452296 SMS-EPC-BKBK-470
Black / 48 2000000452302 SMS-EPC-BKBK-480
Gray / 41 2000000451992 SMS-EPC-DKGY-410
Gray / 42 2000000450896 SMS-EPC-DKGY-420
Gray / 43 2000000452029 SMS-EPC-DKGY-430
Gray / 44 2000000452043 SMS-EPC-DKGY-440
Gray / 45 2000000452067 SMS-EPC-DKGY-450
Gray / 46 2000000452081 SMS-EPC-DKGY-460
Gray / 47 2000000452104 SMS-EPC-DKGY-470
Gray / 48 2000000452111 SMS-EPC-DKGY-480