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Schmolke Carbon Oversize-Compact TLO

Schmolke Carbon Oversize-Compact TLO
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The obvious advantage of the oversized handlebar is its middle section’s larger diameter. This results in a considerably stiffer handlebar. In addition to that, its wide and flat top makes for an ergonomic and comfortable grip when riding with your hands on the tops. The flat section design is also more aerodynamic than the round-section version with its larger frontal area.
With its drop and reach of 138 mm and 95 mm respectively, this handlebar is also designed with ergonomics in mind for both the drop and the hood position. In addition to that, the handlebar comes with recessed cable grooves on its underside.
The radiuses of the side parts follow the well proven design of the compact series. The drops effectively raise the brake hoods, the levers are easier to reach, with small hands in particular. When riding on the hoods the horizontal forward part of the drop makes for an unbroken line with the hoods. Our TLO series is manufactured to suit your weight and riding style using the best carbon fibre prepeg available (material). This, together with a further refined layering plan with less layers, results in yet another reduction of weight. The middle part of the handlebar is designed to work without the support of an aluminium tube. All our handlebars are designed to work with 4-bolt stems.
These thin walled handlebars may be completed with our custom made oversize carbon bar plugs.

Keep in mind that we measure our road bars from the outside to the outside. Our handlebars as standard are not made to be used with triathlon or time trial bars. If you want to use one of our bars with aero bars, please say so when placing the order. The necessary strengthening will add some 8 g to the bar’s weight (compare special handlebars).
If desired, we can also custom make your bar with long ends. All our bars may be shortened at their ends by 10 mm. Trade customers, as a rule, are supplied with standard bars, that’s no time trial bar reinforcement and short bar ends.

Mount the bar with the lower straight parallel to the floor. Tighten the stem bolts with a maximum torque of 5 Nm (not over 3.5 Nm with a Syntace F99 stem)! If you use our fitting paste supplied, the particles it contains will increase friction between bar and stem. A torque lower by 1.5 Nm will suffice to clamp the bar. This brings the recommended torque down to 3.5 Nm, which will reduce the forces on the bar. All torque figures are for greased bolts only. For dry bolts add 1 Nm to the recommended figures. The bars are reinforced in the areas where the shifters sit, hence the levers’ bandages may be tightened with up to 4 Nm. Use our mounting paste again!