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Fox Racing Shox 32 Talas 29 120 FIT Remote CTD Adjust (15QR Thru-Axle, Tapered Steerer)
Fox's 32 TALAS 120 FIT Remote CTD w/Trail Adjust is well known for its adjustability, low weight, and strength. With a quick sweep of a lever, you can adjust your travel from 120 to 90mm on the fly. Same thing goes for the feel: want your fork stiff for climbing or sprinting? Want your fork nice and plush for the descent? No problem, a flick of the bar-mounted CTD switch and your TALAS is doing what you want it to, when you want it to, while the FIT damper keeps air and oil separate, ensuring smooth suspension on all terrain. Extra slippery Kashima-coated stanchions are another reason for the fork's quick responsiveness and smooth travel.

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